Frequently Asked Questions

What is automation?

Automation systems allow business and home owners to set up their electrical functions and capabilities exactly how they want to, giving users unrivalled control over their property and appliances.

What do I do once I have the design on plans?

Either send your plans out for tender or take them to your builder for quoting. If they or their electrician have any questions they can contact us directly to answer any queries they have. You don’t need to worry about the technical detail.

What happens after the build has finished?

We will provide you with training on how the system works, showing you the parts of the installation and what they are all capable of. Of course we also answer any questions that you have.

Why use Legrand automation?

The longevity and appeal of Legrand products are unrivalled, making their range an obvious choice for Steve and the Smart Automation Designs team. Legrand aim to set the benchmark for technological innovation and inspirational design – they simply are the best.

Who commissions and programs the system?

We commission the automation side of the design we provide. We then carry on our support to you in any situation that may arise.

What service do you provide after the build is complete?

You will be able to contact us during office hours or send a text message out of hours with any emergency that may arise. We also provide you with a service to change the system in any way and do any reprogramming you require. This may come at an extra charge depending on which design package you chose.

Still have questions?