Energy Management System Adelaide

Energy Management System Adelaide

Energy Management System in Adelaide – What Your Home Needs

Have you finally made the wise decision to get an energy management system for your Adelaide home? Smart Automation Designs is your best choice to get the job done. Our service is backed by 25 years of professional experience and training. We are entirely certified automation experts and electricians who make it possible for people to reap the benefits of home automation.

We have a lot of experience working with professional builders, electricians, developers and architects on their projects for clients. Our process is fairly straightforward. You always stay in control of the design and how it is implemented. We put tremendous effort into the service, making us confident in claiming that no one can do it better than our automation experts.

It’s time you took a step forward for yourself and for the greater good of the community by getting an energy management system installed by our experts.

What We Offer as Part of Our Energy Management System in Adelaide

Our energy management systems in Adelaide are by Legrand. Our experts have specifically chosen this brand due to its premium, reliable and efficient quality. The products have been professionally and innovatively designed to help bring down energy costs and allow you to be a part of a more sustainable society. The sensors by Legrand help avoid wasted energy by automatically switching off when the appliances are not in use.

We are also accredited solar designers and installers. Given the popularity of solar energy as the new socially approved way of sustainable energy consumption, you can your solar project over to us when you start designing the building. Our experts have the experience and skill to ensure that the solar panels are incorporated in the design as thoughtfully as possible, instead of just putting them on the roof at a later stage. You don’t just want solar panels, but a good-looking building and we can do both!

Energy Management System Adelaide
Energy Management System Adelaide

Advantages of Energy Management Systems in Adelaide

There are numerous advantages of having an energy management system in Adelaide. Some of these include:

  • Energy Efficiency
    An energy management system ensures that your contribution to the carbon footprint is minimised, by automatically turning off appliances when you are not using them. This also saves money in the long run.
  • Convenience
    It makes it impressively convenient to control the entire automation system of the house. As a result, it has a direct positive impact on your overall living experiences.
  • Peace of Mind
    This is incredible when you have left an appliance or lights turned on before leaving the house because the system always has your back. You never have to worry about these things!

For more information about our Energy Management System in Adelaide, call today! Smart Automation Designs are the experts you can trust.

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